EDEN2.0: The Rise

News/Updates for the event

S.No. Type Description of Updates Time
1. Event The last day of registrations has been changed from 20 April, 2019 to 23 April, 2019. Please register now ! 10:15p.m.20/04/2019
2. Expression (Presentation) The rules have been a clarified for the event Expression
  • The participants have to make the presentation using MS Sway Online before the event on the topic mentioned in the brochure
  • The participants will be provided with a laptop to sign in using their Microsoft account to open their presentation
3. Gladiator (Robowars) The rules have been a changed for the event Gladiators
  • Dimensions for the robot will be 40x40x30 cm [LxBxH]
  • The maximum power supply, when connected by a battery, is 24V
  • The bot can be wired or wireless
  • The maximum weight of the robot should be 10kg
  • The weapon must not be doing any invisible damages or spilling imflamable materials . The weapons must come to a stop quickly after power is removed
4. Event The participating schools must report on time. Latest by 8:45a.m. In case of any emergencies, the school must contact the host school. IF not informed the school will not be allowed to participate. 5:16p.m.06/04/2019

For any other doubts/clarifications please mail us at fasneden@gmail.com. Thank you!